Hard Work at Home


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In these photos my mom is exhausted after a long day of studying for law school, meetings, and taking care of my siblings and me. She wakes up early in the morning (usually 5:30) to get my brothers and me ready for school and her day continues on from there. Here after a long day of going to meetings and studying for her bar exam she spreads out on the kitchen table and and starts to do taxes.

(Fiona Gormley



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My dad is a fireman and works 24-48 hours shifts. That doesn’t even include “details” that he works outside of the firehouse. This means sometimes he can be away from home for 3 days at a time. My family goes and visits my dad especially when he works for long shifts. My dog is always happy to see my dad and walks around the firehouse like it’s his own. The first photo perfectly shows this relationship. The second photo is of my dad’s suspenders and his boots. His leather suspenders have me and my sister’s names engraved in it. This is so that we can be close to each other even when we are really far away.

–By Zoe Donovan

Making a Space in the Clutter

Dad Work Desk

This is my father’s workshop in our basement. As an engineer, he is able to take his work talents home in order to do home or car improvement projects. Even though his desk is crammed to the max with tools, he is still able to find a spot in the clutter for a picture of his family.

-Madi Green

Two Jobs


My mom is a stay-at-home mom. She often jokes that she is our chauffeur. Car rides are when we get to spend time with her. This photo shows her as she waits for me and my sister to get in the car.DSC_0182

My dad works from home. In our old house, we used to have to whisper and tip-toe around when he was on work calls because his office was right in the middle of the house. He prefers his new office.

by Zoe Macy

I took this image of my mom as we were driving to Pennsylvania for a family reunion. With this, I wanted to capture her work ethic and how she brings her passion along with her daily travels. I took this shot several times, balancing the road as well as her laptop, so that both elements would exhibit the two worlds clashing together in a single image. I find it interesting how we are driving forward to a specific destination, but her gaze is downward, on her work. This shows two of her worlds, one that involves family matter and the other involves her work, and how she finds balance with both.

by Rukie Hoyt-RouseIMG_0068.JPG

Ella P


My father is typically described in two words “hunter and gathering”, this is due to his passion for the outdoors and adventure. Fishing has always been his main hobby which he is lucky enough that he can pursue that full time now, because of his years at Fidelity Investments. My father always told my sisters and I, “You need to work hard in the moment so later on you can have fun.”
As you will see in one of the photos my father’s boat is called “Ella P.” Typically men name their boats after their wife or their daughters so while they are at sea they will have a piece of them out with them. Since I come from a family of three daughters he did not want to pick favorites, so he decided to name his boat after our dog, Ella.

-Annie Wilson